Camellia Club of Mobile Newsletter 

Volume  XI Issue 6  _____                                                                   March 2015

VERA CURRY IS VISITING FRIENDS AND RELATIVES ACROSS THE POND:  I will make an attempt to do the newsletter this month.  (Jim Dwyer)

JIM SMELLEY BACK HOME:  We are glad to report that Jim Smelley has been released from rehabilitation and is back home in Moss Point.  The doctor said he could resume normal activities including driving.  Jimmy Walker, Leo Brown, and Don & Carolyn Oyler are to be congratulated for their watchful attention and support. Hope he will be at the March meeting.

OUR MEETING THIS SUNDAY WILL FEATURE A PROGRAM BY HOMER RICHARDSON:  Homer Richardson from the Brookhaven Mississippi Camellia Club will present a program on camellias in the landscape.  I have heard glowing reviews from people who have seen this program.

THE CAMELLIA SHOW SEASON IS WINDING DOWN:  There have been a number of spectacular shows in our area and you have missed some great displays if you did not make a few of the shows.  You still have a chance to see the Dothan show on February 7th at the First United Methodist Church Family Life Center on 1380 W Main St. in Dothan.  The n.  The Show schedule is available at

THE PROPAGATION MEETING WAS A SUCCESS:  The annual propagation meeting was well attended.  New members attending the meeting were given free rootstock for grafting and either observed their plant being grafted or were assisted in grafting their own plant.  It is still not too late to graft.  Check with members at the meeting for recommendations on where to acquire rootstock and scions. 

PHOTO CONTEST:  Remember to take photos for the photo contest next month.  The categories are:  1. Photo of camellia bloom 2. Photo of camellia in the landscape 3. Photo of camellia with a person 4. Photo of camellia in an arrangement.

JOIN THE GULF COAST CAMELLIA SOCIETY:  Please consider joining the Gulf Coast Camellia Society.  You get four publications a year, make contacts with other camellia gardeners in our area and can attend an annual meeting that features informative programs and exciting excursions.  I will have more information and membership forms at the meeting.