Camellia Club of Mobile Inc. Newsletter Issue 2 Vol. IX  November  2012


The November 11th Meeting will be dedicated to learning how to show off your beautiful camellias to their best advantage in floral arrangements. Vickie Baugh has volunteered to organize a panel of talented people who will demonstrate this art.  Past experience has shown that these members can put two twigs and one camellia bloom in an arrangement that is breathtaking – hopefully I personally will be able to learn something since when I arrange two twigs and a camellia it looks like something that I forgot to put on the burn pile!  Don’t miss this meeting, you will learn to make gorgeous arrangements in time for the holidays – try using waxed camellias as well as fresh ones.  Looking forward  to seeing you there.

 Problems solved and questions answered at October 14th Meeting

The October Meeting was members chance to get all their questions answered and problems solved (at least as far as camellias are concerned). Many members took advantage of the knowledge of our panel of experienced, talented camellia growers which was chaired by Jim Smelley.  Our thanks to all who shared  information and gave helpful tips. Don’t forget, our super-good growers are always willing to answer your questions (provided you don’t ask while they are entering their prized blooms in a Show! ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

In Memoriam


Yet again we have to impart the sad news of the loss of one of the Club’s long-time members.  Mrs. Jenette S. Bain passed away on October 18, 2012, in Mobile.  Jenette and her late husband Leroy (who predeceased her by more than 20 years) were both great supporters of our Club. Jenette did a sterling job as Club Secretary for a number of years, even running a Meeting when the President and Vice-President were out of town. She was a very capable lady, who, I believe, worked at one time for the IRS!  For more than twenty years, two of the Protected Class awards at our Show have been sponsored by Jenette in memory of Leroy and his parents.  Ill health prevented Jenette from getting out in later years, but she kept in touch with Club members through her annual Christmas letter, much enjoyed by all who knew her.  A lovely lady who will be missed.  A donation in Jenette’s memory has been made by the Club to Cottage Hill Baptist Church.



Camellia Chat....

The weeks between our November and  December Meetings are packed with some really good Camellia Shows.  If you just want to admire old, new and the very latest camellias, visit one or all of the Shows listed below – but what I’d really recommend is participating in the Shows by bringing your best blooms and entering them.  All these Clubs are very welcoming and they don’t expect you to bring dozens of blooms – though they ‘d be happy if you did!  Once I entered just two blooms and won an award for one!


10 November 2012 – Greater Fort Walton Beach Camellia Club . Westwood Retirement Resort, 1001 N. Mar-Walt Drive, Fort Walton Beach, FL. Blooms may be entered between 8 & 10:30 a.m.  Open to the public 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. This is the first show of the season for the Gulf Coast (you’ll see a lot of purple blooms!) and one of the best since one gets to meet up again with camellia fans from all over our area.  Highly recommended – plus their awards are in cash!!!


17 November 2012 – Mississippi Gulf Coast Camellia Club.  Lyman Community Center, 13472 Highway 49, Gulfport, MS. about 4 miles north of I-10.  Blooms may be entered between 7 & 10:30 a.m. Open to the public 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.  Always a great Show since the camellia season is really getting going  - and a excellent selection of camellia plants to purchase, too!.


1 December 2012 –  Ozone Camellia Club  St Mary Margaret Gym, Robert Road, Slidell, LA. Blooms may be entered 8 to 11:00 a.m.

Open to the public  2 p.m.  Always a good turnout at this Show.


8 December 2012 – Pensacola Camellia Club .The Wright Place, First United Methodist Church, Wright St., Pensacola, FL. Blooms may be entered 7 to 11:00 a.m. Open to the public  2 p.m.  If for some very unfortunate reason you are restricted to visiting only one Camellia Show – this is the one you should go to!  Nice venue, nice people, gorgeous blooms, lovely awards and  great selection of camellia plants for sale. Over 20 years ago I went to my first ever Camellia Show – at Pensacola – and got severely bitten by the camellia growing bug,  and this is still one of my favorite shows.